Tank Capacity and Blending Services

With total tank capacity of over 600,000m³ situated at at the following locations
(A) Berth West No. 1 Taichung Port
Year Sun Chemitanks I, II and III are equipped with 30 tanks of total 84,200m³ storage capacity in Taichung Port.
(B) Berth West No. 6 Taichung Port
By year 2021, with 20 tanks of total 317,000m³ storage capacity in Berth West No. 6 Taichung Port.
By year 2023, with 8 tanks of total 208,000m³ storage capacity in Berth West No. 6 Taichung Port.

Taichung Port- Load and Unload Port
Berth West No. 1: 13m (Draft) +250m (LOA)       
Berth West No. 6: 13m (Draft) +250m (LOA)

(C) Dajia Youth Industrial Park
10 tanks of total 10,000m³ storage capacity, a blending plant and a QC lab are provided in the district.
Dajia plant is aimed to offer storage and blending services and to maintain high quality products.

(D) JhongLi Industrial Park
A lubricant blending plant offers full range series of lubricant products and also equips with 6,000m³ storage capacity .


Wintak Branded Lubricants


Wintak Petrochemical Group Ltd. extended services and establishing own brands- HoLube Lubricant Series and TaLube Lubricant Series, providing wide ranges of Lubricants, Motor Oils, Engine Oils, Gear Oils and Greases, etc. for extensive uses in the industry and vehicles.For detailed specifications ,please see "Product"